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Meditation to connect to love.

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

In this month of February, we wish to offer you a small meditation to connect to Love.

This 15-minute exploration is there for you at any time when you are curious to explore what this word means for you, from your own experience.

Have a beautiful journey.

Transcript of the audio meditation:

Welcome. Welcome, to our G(u)ardeners exploration on the theme of the heart, love. My name is Natacha and I have the joy today to be the one facilitating this exploration for you. Thank you very much for being here.

To start, I would love to invite you to find a comfortable position where you can find steadiness and openness at the same time, especially an openness of the spine, a long spine; I will offer a couple of positions but please feel free to make your own posture.

You can either sit crossed-legged with a long spine, or possibly lay down on the floor, on a mat, on the bed, or just sit on a chair with your two feet touching the ground.

Whenever you have arrived at your position, I invite you to bring one hand at the bottom of your belly, and one hand to the center of your chest. And without changing anything about your breath, just take a moment to feel how your breath is moving you. How your heartbeat is beating in the palm of your hand.

And from here we can deepen our breaths, making it a bit longer, a bit more spacious. And slowly feeling, that we don’t only breathe with the belly or the chest but with the full body. Feeling the full body expanding in and out and coming back to its center after every exhale. Maybe the center is a bit under the belly button, that’s at least where it’s for me. We will do a couple of breaths on our own, so there will be a moment of silence, just to observe this breath getting in and out, expanding and coming back.

Slowly I invite you to, at the same time that you feel these two hands on your body, this breath expanding on the full body, take a moment to integrate or even more to welcome, embrace, all the sounds that are on your side, or on my side, and let them go through you. Integrate also maybe the smell of the room where you are, the touch of the air on your skin, the temperature, the difference in texture of your clothes, the taste in your mouth, maybe from your toothpaste, maybe from your previous meal or drink, the light that goes through your eyes, whether they are closed or not, taking this moment to really be here. Here and now.

And then I would like to invite you to bring your attention to your heart, to your chest where your hand is, which is more the energetic heart than the physiological heart; and to infuse into this part of your body, this part of your being, the word love. Love… love…. love… love… love … you can repeat it as a mantra, as a word you repeat in the center of the chest, let it infuse, and just observe what it creates in you. We will have a moment of silence for making our own exploration.

You can continue repeating this word or if you think it can help you you can picture an animal or an image of something you really love, maybe a newborn with his cute eyes, or a puppy, and let it infuse in your heart. That’s also a way to infuse with love, to experience, to explore. And in whichever way you are entering this connection to love take a moment to stay there and bathe your body and whole being in it, stay for a moment with it.

Now I am going to invite you to concentrate this love at the center of your chest where your hand is and let it spread around you as a circle, in the room where you are, you are expanding it in the whole room, the whole space. Then you can expand it beyond the room, in the full flat, office, house, building, wherever you are, just expanding it. Then you can expand it to the street, the city, or the village where you are, the country, the continent, the planet, and beyond.

And while you are embracing every being without distinction with your love, you also receive love from every being without distinction, its kind of being part of this giant mycelium, connection, inter-beingness of love. Take a moment to feel it, to bathe in it, to nourish yourself with it.

Slowly we are going to make our way back to earth, to the continent where we stay at the moment, to the country, to the city or village, to the house, building, or office where we are, to the room. And to this body. And slowly we are starting to breathe a bit deeper, moving our fingers, and toes, letting the body make its own dance. And slowly open your eyes if they were closed, and if you wish to take a moment to write down something, draw, make a collage, or whatever form suits you about this expedition, exploration we made today, to remember what love feels like for you.

Thank you very much for being part of this journey, I wish you a beautiful continuation.

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