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We are a collective of artists, therapists, teachers and entrepreneurs, who believe in the power of curiosity & experimentation.

We are also women, friends, that met in their 20s with a deep appetite and curiosity for life. Exploring topics such as well-being, living consciously, connecting deeper with oneself and others, as well as supporting each other in big life events such as the death of a beloved one, or the birth of a child, brought us to discover and explore old and new tools, and share them with each other. 


While sharing with each other, we discovered that we didn’t want to push our own experiences onto one another and started thinking of a way to share which would allow the other one to have their own, unique experience. Stories and explorations came as an answer as we came into contact with ancestral ways of teaching using those tools.


From that we started writing stories, illustrating them and creating explorations for each other. Quickly our other friends got curious about it. Wishing to share with them and others, we decided to create the collective The G(u)ardeners to share ancestral and nature knowledge to support individuals in their life journey. Through exploration books, workshops and the content we share on our website. 


By creating this network, our wish is to contribute to making a more connected way of living with ourselves, others and life accessible, in a simple and playful way. 


With love,


Natacha, Katrin & Méjane

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Entrepreneur, explorer, yogi. Enjoys finding local plants grown with love, and turning them into yummy meals. On a mission to experiment with new ways of doing, living, and being.


Play specialist, Fun designer, & Nature mediator. She loves designing new (Play)ces to help us connect with each other in a fun way. Her motto is #neverstopplaying


In love with the Art of Presence, yogi, meditator, storyteller, & cook designer. She loves to support connection to oneself, others, and nature in a creative, simple and loving way.
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