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Eye-gazing practice

Today, I'm offering you a guided meditation to connect with your partner through eye gazing. It’s a powerful and moving experience that I recommend to everyone. It's also part of our exploration booklet called Venus Day, which, through the story of Naani Sapna, an Indian grandmother, offers you a different perspective on love and invites you to nourish connection and intimacy in your relationship.

Ready to explore?

(To skip the intro and go straight to practice, start at minute 0:55)

Transcript of the audio mediation:

Go with your partner to a space that you consider intimate and comfortable. Maybe it's your bedroom, maybe the living room, or a spot in your garden. Make sure you're not disturbed, turn off your phones and make sure if you have children that they're asleep or busy, in other words, create some time for the two of you.

Sit down in a comfortable position so that you are facing your partner. You can hold hands or touch each other if you wish, or simply look at each other.

For this audio, we're going to start with a two-minute practice, which is already a really good start.

Take an inhalation through your nose and an exhalation through your mouth. Feel your body settle into the space and your eyes into those of your partner. You can choose to look into one eye in particular, that makes it often easier.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. While feeling your seated body, start to dive into your partner's gaze with gentleness, tenderness and a welcoming look. Try, without forcing your gaze, to let yourself slip into the other person's eyes as if you were looking through them.

Take a breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Stay there looking at each other with love and tenderness. Welcome any emotion that may arise, laughter, feelings of discomfort, tears, joy without looking away if possible. Continue to breathe and plunge your gaze into the other.

We're going to stay here for a few seconds in silence to allow you to have your own experience.

Now close your eyes and feel what this exchange has brought you.


As you breathe out, open your eyes and thank your partner with a gesture that speaks to you: a hug, a kiss, a smile.

If you wish, take the time to talk about what you've just experienced, taking the time to listen to each other before the other shares.

Have a wonderful moment, lovers!

This experience is part of the exploration booklet Venus Day - the art of loving rituals by Naani Sapna:

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