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L'Art d'être avec...

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vous-même, les autres,

la nature
et tout ce qui est là

Rituals we offer to support you on the journey...

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Image a garden. The garden corresponds to your present life. Look at the garden from outside, without judgement. Do you like it? Are there a lot of weeds growing? Would you like to stay at this place? If not, what would have to change in this garden to be inviting?

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Welcome to the G(u)ardeners. Here we share with you tools to take care of your garden, to enrich your life with what you would like to grow in it, to sow new seeds and to bring what is already there to blossom.

We are a collective of artists, therapists, teachers and entrepreneurs, who believe in the power of curiosity & experimentation.  We are also women, friends, that met in their 20s with a deep appetite and curiosity for life. Exploring topics such as well-being, living consciously, connecting deeper with oneself and others, as well as supporting each other in significant life events such as the death of a loved one, or the birth of a child, brought us to discover and explore old and new tools, and share them with each other.



We invite you to discover stories that are inspired by what nature teaches us, and booklets created with the intention to support you with topics such as self-love, intimacy, or connection to lost loved ones. 

We believe in storytelling, in the passing on of timeless wisdom, out of which you take what you need at each given moment in time. Similar to planting a new, little seed. Each story comes with some tools that allow you to nurture this seed and integrate what you need into your life.

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" I really liked the little illustrated guides, they are beautiful and nourishing in form, writing and intention."



We are friends, creatives, therapists, writers, foodies and life lovers who believe in the support of this invisible network that connects us all and supports us in following our natural journey. The journey, which allows that seed inside of us to grow and unfold into its unique, beautiful expression.

Stay connected.

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