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The Venus Day Exploration Booklet - available in English and French.


A beautiful eco-friendly booklet, made by French crafts(wo)men, which through the story of Naani Sapna (an Indian Grandmother) guides you through the art of loving rituals for couples. The Day of Venus (every Friday), is the day dedicated to love in the ancient Indian wisdom tradition, Ayurveda. The Venus Day Exploration Booklet is part of the G(u)ardeners exploration stories which invite you to experience ancestral and nature wisdom by yourself, with a lot of playfulness, kindness, and curiosity.

Exploration Booklet: Venus Day

VAT Included
    • • A beautifully illustrated story about nurturing our love relationships to read together with your partner.

      • Inspiration and instructions in our envelopes to share an adventure, dinner (incl. recipes and tips), and creating a playful, intimate space in your home.

      • An extra envelope to collect your dreams and further ideas to share with your loved one.

      • Access to a guided audio supporting you both to start your Venus Date from the heart.

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