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The desert

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Have you ever felt completely lost? As if being blind in a desert, not knowing on which ground to step next? Feeling as if nothing inside you makes you spark anymore, as if everything within you was dead?

I think we can all recognize this phase in our life. At least within the G(u)ardeners we all went through moments like this. This week, we were sharing about it with each other, as one of us was experiencing this long desert walk within herself.

So what to do, when you are lost in your inner desert? Can you get inspired by the desert itself in this situation? What would you do if you were completely lost in an actual desert? Would you stop walking and sit? Would you shout for help?

Would you wait for the night to look at the stars, hoping that you would recognize the north star and finally have a stable direction to walk towards?

Even if you don’t know where this star will lead you towards at least this is a stable point to walk towards, a stable and shiny point. You can maybe already feel the spark in your heart while walking and looking at this star. It won’t remove the fear, the loose feet in the ground, you are still walking in the desert after all, but at least something sparky is guiding you.

This is maybe the same in our inner desert, finding our spark, any spark and starting walking towards it. If no spark is there, go out of your comfort zone, meet people, go where you normally don’t go and see if you can resonate with something, or with what someone says, and just continue your exploration. It may not solve everything, maybe nothing at all, but it may transform the ‘being stuck in the desert’ towards ‘I am exploring the desert now’.

To help you in your exploration, we’re sharing some questions with you to support you in your process, and who knows, it might ignite one or two sparks in the end.


Find a quiet spot, get your notebook, grab a cup of tea, put on some music if you feel like and answer these eye-opening questions to discover your next steps.

Ask yourself these questions and note down your answers:

▫️ What do you feel curious about?

▫️ What do you wish to explore?

▫️ What else do you feel curious about?

▫️ What else?


▫️ What else?

▫️ Which part of yourself do you want to discover?

▫️ Why is that important to you?

▫️ Who you will become once you explore that?

▫️ What's stopping you from exploring or being curious?

▫️ What are the possibilities to overcome that? Which options do you have?

▫️ What do you need from yourself and others?

▫️ What do you commit to yourself?

[Story by Natacha]

[Guiding questions by Nuria]

[Illustration by Méj]

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