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Sjimmie the cat

Have you ever been blocked in a loop of sadness, anxiety, anger or any other feeling? Staying there for hours without the possibility of seeing the light again? Here is maybe a story for you as this happened to me a few months ago.

The Red Tara is a Buddhist representation of fierce, merciless compassion. A kind of compassion we don’t value so much in our society, it is the kind of compassion that takes the form of a stick to beat you at moments of life that are extremely difficult with the only purpose of bringing you back on your path, to the present. 

It is a very high level of compassion in my view, as the being that is dedicated to this kind of compassion will be seen as mean, even sometimes evil, he/ is the unwanted that will change your life to bring you back to who you truly are.

A few months ago, at night I had the chance to experience this kind of compassion from our cat Sjimmie.

I was crying for an hour or so in the arms of my beloved one, completely scared after our miscarriage, to lose anyone else that I love in this world or to myself die and inflict on my beloved ones the loss of someone they dearly love. 

I was sharing how impossible it was for me to imagine our lives without our dear Sjimmie, knowing at the same time that it may be a reality as Sjimmie is a cat and is statically supposed to live up to 20 years old in this body. 

Sjors, my husband, was kindly cuddling me while reminding me that this was a reality of life as well as reminding me about the immortality of a soul that has touched our heart, but I just couldn’t stop crying.

Then suddenly Sjimmie, who was on my lap purring, bit me super hard, way harder than he normally does. The pain was intense, so intense that it brought me immediately to my body, at that moment, I felt like I was waking up from a dream, a nightmare built by my own mind. I was crying about the death of Sjimmie while he was physically here, purring on my lap. I had to laugh. Sjimmie was now quiet and looking at me like saying « I am here, now, why not enjoying each other's company rather than crying about a possible future which is neither here nor now? »

I smile and start enjoying the present again, cuddling Sjimmie, thankful for the bite that brought me back to now.

And have you ever been “bitten” by life to come back to here and now?

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