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Updated: Jun 3, 2023

We’ve almost reached the end of this year, which is a nice moment to reflect on what you have allowed to let grow this year, what seeds you have planted, and what fruits you have harvested.

To help you in your reflections, here are some conscious questions to support your inquiries:

  • What have I learnt this year?

  • What am I feeling grateful for that happened this year?

  • What do I want to take with me into the new year?

Based on these questions, these are our reflections about us and The G(u)ardeners:

  • Growing a project or business needs persistence, patience, and the right timing, and sometimes it’s essential to let go of ideas and goals and accept what is, including any limitations.

  • We are very grateful to all the people who have supported our project in any way, as well as to all the new encounters and collaborations that this project has created. We are grateful to have found each other and to create together. We are also grateful that our work can contribute to the knowledge and sharing of ancient wisdom, and to creating a more compassionate, peaceful, and free world.

  • We’ll take with us into 2023 the freedom to follow the flow of creation, the trust that things will happen when they are ripe, and the infusion of joy in everything we create as G(u)gardeners. The process is part of the adventure.

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